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This study meta-analysis in the field of industrial relations and university research has been done in the past ten years. Of the 74 studies reviewed, 18 cases have been found suitable for meta-analysis. The research method in the meta-analysis is inferential statistics. For example, the need for science and technology park in the early 90s was a good idea, but today, a new approach is needed or reconstruction of old ideas.
zahra oshriyeh,
Keywords: Industry and academia| technology transfer| science and technology parks| incubators| technology analysis ,
Measuring and improving the quality of services in the higher education sector that is the basis of development of each country is very important. The purpose of this paper was ranking the universities of Iran in terms of perceived quality of services from students by using combination of SERVQUAL and Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) methods. For this purpose at first by systematic search in different scientific databases attempted to finding the researches was conducted regarding measuring the universities quality of service delivery from the perspective of students by using SERVQUAL model that 33 relevant studies were found. Then scores of each university was calculated with the help of DEA method and considering each dimension of quality as an output and by considering each research as a decision making unit via DEAP 2.1 software. Highest scores were related to higher education centers in Tabriz, Mazandaran University of Medical Sciences, Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences and the University of Urmia while lowest scores were related to Islamic Azad University of Dezful and Faculty of Health and Nutrition, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences. The scores of 82 percentage of the conducted researches was between 0.498 to 0.781, in other words were at moderate level. The result of calculated scores showed that on average, there is the possibility of increasing 31.8% in the quality of services in Iran's universities and the main reason for this lack of quality is the responsiveness dimension that relevant authorities can improve the level of their quality of services by modeling of higher education centers in Tabriz.
Abbas Jahangiri,
Keywords: University| Quality of service Provision| SERVQUAL| Data Envelopment Analysis ,
Education is prerequisite for development and fostering entrepreneurship framework in development of economy. World top entrepreneurial universities have been accepted that formal university education program can improve entrepreneurship among graduates and academies. Goal of This research is to find how to institutialization of entrepreneurship education in universities. Statistical population of this research comprised of Top universities in entrepreneurship education. Statistical samples of top universities in entrepreneurship are selected in terms of acredited centers like Entrepreneur and Time magazine on 2016 academic year. For gathering information different methods and instruments like documentations that have been published on university websites. Findings of this research showed that: top entrepreneurial universities on entrepreneurship education are paying more attention to scope, method of carrying out, evaluation, institutional factors and outreach activities. Findings of this research can help more to stakeholders of higher education institues and universities authorities on policymaking and executing of entrepreneurship education programs.
Mohammad Azizi,
Keywords: entrepreneurship programs| third generation universities| education| industry| top entrepreneurial universities ,
From a strategic standpoint, Intellectual capital can create and use knowledge to increase the value of the used. In this study, the intellectual capital of listed companies in Tehran Stock Exchange has been calculated using the pulic model And then to evaluate the effect of three variables forming intellectual capital, including human capital, structural capital and relational capital on the brand value of these companies have been investigated. And to measure brand value of the company's vision is based on Tobin's Q index is used.  The aim of this study is applied and the method of data collection as well as non-experimental survey. The population of this research firms listed in the Tehran Stock Exchange which there are 243 companies were identified and using elimination sampling of 68 companies were considered as the final sample. In order to measure intellectual capital and brand value of the company's financial statements have been applied. The results indicate that the value of their intellectual capital firms listed in Tehran stock exchange impact. The components of human capital,  relational capital and structural capital in order to have the power of determination
omid behboodi,
Keywords: intellectual capital| human capital| relational capital| structural capital| brand value ,
Objective: The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of  organizational ethics on the entrepreneurial behavior of employees in the organization. Method: The present research is applied based on objective and survey-type according to data collection method. Findings: The Statistical population comprises employees of Imam Khomeini Relief Foundation of Kashmar. Questionnaire is used to collecting data. We used Pearson correlation‎test for data analysis and hypothesis testing. The results are as follows the main hypothesis and subsidiary hypotheses were confirmed. Conclusion: The analysis results indicate that the organizational ethics has significant and positive effects on entrepreneurial behavior.
Keywords: Ethics| organizational ethics| business| entrepreneurship| entrepreneurial behavior. ,
The public value is proposed as a new concept in public administration and making public policy. Various interpretations have been offered for the real meaning of public values. There are two schools of thought analyzing this issue; the first one is the generative perspective where the concept of public values derives from public debates and the other one is the organizational perspective that is amenable to policy and is recognized in tantamount with existent relations within governmental guidelines. Apparently none of these perspectives hold a convincible approach on acquiring public interests out of public values. The applied methodology is thematic content analysis. The data has been gathered from library resources and interviews with 11 management and media professors. Snowball sampling adopted for the present study. At the end, the interview findings were identified and categorized in the eight categories, and the findings of the study demonstrate that public values have an undeniable effect on the citizens’ public interests and based on these values, “public interests” are categorized and guided.  
seyyed mahdi sharifi,
Keywords: Keywords: Public value| public value management| the citizens’ public interests ,


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